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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday in the United Kingdom is traditionally about Jesus Christ's resurrection from death, according to Christian views. Whatever your belief, many people use the day to spend with friends and family and what better thing to do than make contact with those you haven’t seen for a while or reach out to those who ordinarily spend time alone. Young and old alike can join in the traditional celebrations of decorating, exchanging and searching for eggs. By opening up your home to others, the confectionery industry won’t be the only ones to profit from Easter.

"Remember day by day just to scatter seeds of kindness as you pass along the way”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Good Friday is here

According to old superstitions, sharing a hot cross bun with someone on Good Friday will ensure you attract lots of new friends all year.

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What is ‘Intuition’?


Intuition – that silent, inner knowing – is something that everyone possesses. This inner guidance is built in– we’re all born with it.

What is intuition?
It’s the feeling that comes over you sometimes – you just know something without being told? You have a hunch that turns out to be accurate, or you get an impression about an idea to pursue. The issue is – how to develop your intuition so that it can serve you and help you find greater fulfilment in life.

Building intuition is like most skills – the more you practice it, the better you will become.

Do you often feel or notice your intuition? Do you struggle with even noticing your inner wisdom?

Is trusting your intuition something you want to improve?

The first step in how to develop and listen to your intuition is simply to become more aware.

Are you intuitive? What are you sensing? What are you noticing?

Slow down and give your intuition an opening in your mind!

You may want to practice quiet times of contemplation or meditation - those are wonderful ways to become still inside.

Your intuition will automatically provide input if your mind is still enough.

If you are always anxious and trying to figure everything out mentally, you may have a more difficult time developing your intuition.

Simply relax, knowing that your inner guidance is always there and it has the best solution to anything you may encounter.

Nature is a great place to spend time listening to yourself!



Spring is sprung!!

Whatever determines the first day of Spring, the change of the season and Springtime refers not only to the season but also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and re growth. Throughout the World, the beginning of Spring  is not always determined by a fixed calendar date. In some regions it's an astronomical definition, in others an ecological one relating to biological changes; the blossoming of plants, the activities of animals or the significant warming of the earth that causes new plant growth to "spring forth" giving the season it's name.

In Ireland Spring traditionally starts on February 1st, St Brigid's Day but I have never seen blossom on the trees on any of my February trips and of course, I've just returned from Australia where spring occurs whilst we in the Southern Hemisphere are watching the leaves drop from the trees.

Spring is seen as a time of growth, renewal, of new birth and more generally as a metaphor for the start of better times. During Spring we wake to a world which is being renewed and remade; dew lies beaded on the grass, chaffinches sing their descending scales in the hedgerows, daisies unfurl their petals, swifts begin to scream through the skies in search of the first flight of insects. The natural world is a refection of spiritual reality and so it is in the visible renewal of the world around us we find the key to a spiritual renewal within ourselves.


Down Under

I have recently completed a few weeks Down Under. Once again the people of Australia showered me with generous hospitality and I had an amazing time. Incredibly I managed to secure a whole day off in Sydney before I started working and thoroughly enjoyed being a tourist for the day, along with my Psychic colleagues Lynn Probert and  Ozzie Louise Herman. We took a boat trip around the harbour with the mighty impressive view of the Opera House. It really must be one of the  greatest buildings of all time. I remember reading a quote from an American architect who is so right when he says, “ The sun did not know how beautiful its light was until it reflected off this building” and what better way to see it than from a boat. The weather was perfect and I got quite carried away and thought I was on my holidays!!

The following day saw the beginning of a Mediumship workshop which included a demonstration, albeit with a bad throat as I was coming down with a severe case of bronchitis. Just before the demonstration in the second location, Melbourne, I felt inspired to close my eyes and assumed that I was about to meditate but the Spirit World must have had other plans for me as from the moment I closed my eyes, I felt the room had completely disappeared with a sinking feeling which I usually associate with “entering into an altered state of consciousness”. I felt the Spirit World rush forward. It’s difficult to describe exactly  what happens during these intense moments of Spirit Connection but the ensuing results are invariably the same, only heightened. As I stood up on the stage for my dem, I felt that I was both present, yet somewhere faraway. I was aware that the room was full of people, yet not one of them stood out to me – the audience was quite simply a sea of expectant faces. Descriptions of those recently departed, times, dates and memories filled my mind with such ease and the evidence I brought through was accepted readily. I realise that neither myself nor other Mediums have demonstrations like this all the time. Usually, us Mediums have to work incredibly hard to bring real evidence of survival of the Soul but some days are truly blessed, as was my day in Melbourne, when circumstances collided and the audience were suitably excited, the atmosphere of the room was conducive and the Spirit World really wanted to communicate. Days like this really lift my Spirit too.  

australia flag

Epsom Playhouse – reading at the show last month

"It is always enjoyable for me to work at a venue where the energy is lovely and the audience is welcoming.  Such was my visit last month to The Playhouse at Epsom in Surrey.

In my opening introduction I often ask the audience 'Who actually wants to receive a message?' Sometimes, surprisingly, there is only a small show of hands. However, at Epsom, most of the audience put their hands up, so I knew the evening was going to go well! It helps the energy in the auditorium and, therefore, helps me the Medium, if people are actually wanting and inviting their loved ones to draw close.

The contacts throughout the evening were wonderful and varied and, I hope, special to those who received the messages - a young man who had committed suicide around Christmas-time and who showed me pine trees to illustrate this; a teenage girl who had been murdered and who knew from her vantage point in the spirit world that the person who had hurt her was now in prison; a lorry driver who was full of the joys of life, who delighted me with his presence on stage and whose exact date of passing I was able to clarify; a brother who wanted to say he now understood why his loved ones had been prevented from staying in touch towards the end of his life. To mention but a few. The information received from those in the spirit world serves as evidence and proof of their survival.

 Towards the end of the evening I often ask if anyone has brought a photograph of a loved one and, out of all of the hands that went up, I was drawn to two particular photographs. These were two very different contacts, from two very different loved ones, but each unique and special in their own way. The first was a daughter, a beautiful young woman, with plans and hopes for the future, who had passed suddenly, far too young and who came to be close to her mother and father that evening, simply to let them know that she was still very much around them.

The second was a grandmother, a very different character indeed, who came to spend some time around her granddaughter. Although forthright and somewhat brash in her lifetime she finished her communication with a touching reminder for her (grand) daughter of a shared memory of a time when they both threw coins into a well and made a wish. And to say that if she could throw some coins into a well now, her wish would be that she could spend one more day with her granddaughter. It was a very poignant moment and a lovely way to end the evening."


Tony will be returning to Epsom Playhouse next year - Wednesday 30th April 2015 - see you then

Why, why, why?

It is with huge sadness that we are all reading the latest suicide reports in the Media. To those who have lost a Loved One, the ripples are huge and the unanswered questions are huge. Why, why, why? There is almost always one message in every demonstration from someone in Spirit wishing to let their families know that they are well and happy in the Spirit World. Only this morning I have received an email from a Mother who received a message at  the Thameside Theatre, Grays this week,  from her Son who took his own life. She confirmed that her message from him has given her great comfort.  My thoughts go out to the families of all those who are still searching for answers.

Interview with Psychic News

Behind the scenes with... Tony.  In this exclusive interview he takes editor Sue Farrow from Psychic News behind the scenes, talking about his work and home life, and going public with a very happy announcement...

How old were you when you had your first paranormal experience?
I was eight. A lot things kicked off at that age, in as much as I became aware of things that other people weren't aware of. I was a very ordinary kid, but my grandma was around a lot and I think I made a flyaway comment about the man I’d often felt in the corner of our house. She looked horrified. Of course she couldn't see him and she quizzed me a bit about what he looked like, what was he doing, and why was he there. Of course I didn't know those things, I just knew he was in the corner. It was quite a memorable twenty minutes of my life, and I remember thinking: ‘My God! Why can’t she see him? Why doesn’t she know that he’s there?’ It was just the general presence of someone, it wasn't like a huge thing where he came with a message.



Did your unusual ability cause you any problems in childhood?

Not really. Just a sense of strangeness that other people couldn't  see what I saw. I wrote about a particular experience in one of my books. I was eight, and I played with other kids in a place called the ‘gunny They were old World War II gun emplacements that were dotted around the south coast of England, and we had lots of them on Canvey Island, where I grew Lip. When we played in them we would run around, and there was one particular building where you could run from one doorway through to another, and You knew it would be absolutely pitch black in the middle. So you’d just keep on running — that was the game. One day, when it was my turn to run, I ran as fast as I could, and a big bright orange glow appeared in the darkness. I kept on running towards it, not knowing what was doing. I can see it as clearly today as I did then. It was a man sitting at a desk, head down, writing with a pen in some kind of ledger. It was the strangest thing, because it was almost like he didn't know I was there. I ran through that vision and out the other end. My heart was pumping and I shouted to the others, ‘I think I've seen a ghost!’ but no one believed me. I felt a little bit aggrieved. I’m 44 now, and I can still remember that feeling clearly.


Did you have a particular teacher who mentored you?

Yes, a lady called Joan Barham, and also Marcia Ford. Sadly, both of them have now passed. They were wonderful, and I was very lucky. It all happened because I went along to the Spiritualist church out of curiosity after my Nan died. I was sixteen, and she had died a few weeks earlier. My sister’s friend, Mandy, told us that she’d been to see a medium and I thought, ‘My God!’ I’d only seen the film Blithe Spirit, with Margaret Rutherford playing the medium Madame Arcati! Mandy asked if I’d like to , come along to a Spiritualist meeting and I said I would. So six or seven of us went on a Sunday evening and that was the first day I met Joan and Marcia. I remember sitting in the audience, thinking ‘Please don’t anyone speak to me: Anyway, the medium was good and left an impression on me, but I didn't get a message.



What do you believe is the most important purpose of mediumship?

I think its quite simply to rescue people. It’s to take away the fear of death in the living. You see that all the time. You see people out of touch, giving up hope, then suddenly the light switches on and they get to live the rest of their physical life knowing that they’ll be reunited with those they've loved who have gone before them. You see goodness in other people, too, because you recognise that as difficult as someone’s behaviour might be on the outside, their soul is desperately trying to manifest. All that separates them from living a full life is the ego, the mental imbalance, the chemical imbalance. Those are the only things that stand in the way. Everyone’s soul is beautiful, and so you give people more of an opportunity to shine.

Do you recall a piece of evidence you've given to somebody that’s actually stunned you?

Can I say ‘all the time’? That sounds so egotistical doesn't it? Last night I was going through old emails from weeks back, as I’d been travelling. A lady had written to thank me for the one-to-one reading I did for her. I remembered it well, because she sat there and I told her about a lady in the spirit world who was 37. She didn't say yes or no. When I read for someone, I’m often in an altered state. My eyes are open and I’m talking, but I very rarely look at my client. I carried on for this lady, and I saw very tall windows in a space that felt like a hospital, but wasn't. I knew the spirit woman had been heavily depressed. I knew she’d hung herself from the window, but I was still getting no response from my client. But I was so convinced I needed to follow this through, so I looked at her and asked if she knew this lady. She said it was her sister-in-law. So I went through all the information again, and what the client gave me in her energy was not just ‘yes but ‘Oh my God’. And that relief lifts your mediumship higher. Then I saw the word ‘Michelle I said this, and the client was so surprised that she was quite colourful with her language, saying ‘Oh my that’s her name! And I thought to myself — ‘My God, how brilliant is that!’

It must be a wonderful thing to do that for people.

I love it, especially the private readings. There’s no pressure, it’s just you and the client. I've got a very comfortable space where I read and my studio space is beautiful. I've got candles alight, and I sit there with my shoes off and work an hour at a time. I can’t read in less than an hour. It’s so special, because I constantly have my own belief reaffirmed. I don’t know these people when they come in, and I love that feeling of being in the presence of the spirit world.

What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a medium?

I think it’s probably selflessness. Although I’m a working medium, it’s not about us mediums, it’s about the people we’re reading for. I may talk with my peers, saying how fab it is when you get everything bang on, or how terrible it is when it goes badly and you feel awful for people, but that’s making it about ourselves, which it isn't. I think YOU just need to surrender yourself to the experience, to whatever that experience is going to be. Sometimes I’ll work with a client and feel I've got nowhere, and almost invariably they’ll come back and say it was life-changing. On the other hand, if I feel it’s gone swimmingly well I, they’ll always want more from me. You really have to take yourself out of the equation.

And finally, what do you like to do in your free time?

Well, Stuart and I have our daughter, Marnie, and we've got another child on the way — a little boy. God willing, he’s doing very well at the moment, very healthy in the womb, and he’s due at the end of November. Everything’s ready for him. We’re going to call him Finn Alexander, and we’re very excited. I also love walking and these days I do it with a buggy in front of me and the dogs at my sides, rather than on my own. A few years ago we bought a very small, modest bungalow in Gran Canaria and we go out there four or five times a year. It’s our private time with the family. We walk by the ocean — that kind of thing. There’s also a gorgeous mountain view, If people had said to me prior to our becoming parents that having a child changes you, I might not have understood. But it does change you a lot — it’s certainly changed me. I find myself getting emotional a lot of the time — I’m all over the show, You start to really understand and empathise a lot. So, if I can reconnect people with someone they thought they’d lost forever, there’s nothing better I can do.


Radlett Show – last night

Thank you to all that came to the Radlett Centre last night. I hope there weren’t too many comments that I really do have a face for radio. I know that the night feeds are getting to me and I looked tired however I hope you all thought that my lack of sleep hadn’t affected my mediumship. It would appear that although the spirit world are having to work harder to communicate with me the end result was a great evening. Several of you have emailed your thanks to me which I appreciate and referred to the mother and wife who came through giving evidence of watching her daughter smelling a bottle of Samara perfume which was the perfume her mother wore.




Often spirit world present me with a smell (Clairscent) which I am unable to identify but in this case is wasn’t the smell that was presented to me but the actual words Samara that appeared clearly for me. My eyes weren’t as tired after all!. We have just had it confirmed we are returning to the Radlett Centre on 29th January 2015.

See you all then.


We are delighted to announce the birth of Tony's son Finn Alexander. 

Many thanks to all  who have sent through congratulation messages, cards and presents to Tony and his family.



Back from our Spiritual Holiday – Malta


Although it’s good to go away, it’s wonderful to return home and I’m sure that is how all of us who went on the wonderful Spiritual Holiday to Malta feel this morning. Thank you so much to all of you who joined us in Gozo for making the week so enjoyable. I think this week really lived up to our marketing tag line  - “Loving, Learning, Laughing” , which I think we all did in equal measures. Many thanks for such a great experience.

Last night’s demonstration in London


I really enjoyed working at St James’ Church in Piccadilly last night. St James’ is a working Anglican church who have had the forethought to open the doors to all forms of Spiritual thinking. I thought you may enjoy their ethos

 St James’s Church is part of the Anglican Communion within the world wide Christian Church

We understand ourselves to be called:

  • to gather as a body which welcomes and celebrates human diversity – including spirituality, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.
  • to create a space where people of any faith or none can question and discover the sacred in life through openness, struggle, laughter and prayer.
  • to a common commitment to be in solidarity with poor and marginalized people and to cherish creation.

                      We don’t manage it all the time, so we try again.

 The evening was organised by Alternatives who organise events to inspire heart, mind and body. I would thoroughly recommend their programme of speakers. Check them out at


Tony will be demonstrating  on Monday 21st October at Alteratives - St. James Church London W1

Despite the heavy bombings during the London Blitz, St James’,  the beautiful Christopher Wren designed church, remains an iconic building in Piccadilly.
William Blake, the Poet and Painter and Prime Minister William Pitt the Elder were both baptised here.
Tony is excited to be able to demonstrate in such an historic venue. It has been a dream to live in a church or own one from which to run workshops.
“With such a rich historic past, we’re sure to have some interesting characters coming though”

To see Tony at this beautiful venue - click here for booking details



If winter is slumber and spring is birth, and summer is life, then autumn rounds out to be reflection.
It's a time of year when the leaves are down and the harvest is in and the perennials are gone.
Mother Earth just closed up the drapes on another year and it's time to reflect on what's come before. Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits


In Brecon last week

I never cease to be amazed at the inventive ways Spirit use to try and get their message through to me. In Brecon last week, a wonderful extrovert character came through to me dressed in the iconic Marilyn Monroe white dress and singing Happy Birthday just as Marilyn Monroe had sung it to JFK.this was exactly what my lady had done in the past as a birthday treat for a friend. In the same message, the words to an old Ink Spots song came to me, I couldn't work out the reference and had to sing the song from beginning to end to discover what Spirit were trying to tell me.the song was about a lady who had gone to see a gypsy fortune teller to discover whether her lover had always been faithfull. I felt she was drawing upon the lyrics of this song as a means of offering me clear evidence that she had indeed had an affair and had herself gone to a clairvoyant to perceive its outcome. This was all readily accepted and confirmed by the recipient. So the thing I have learned is the next time that I receive a song from the Other World, I should fully enquire what it us they are trying to give me.


A full life

I would like to thank one of the special students on a recent teaching course for drawing my attention to a quote which is particularly poignant when one considers those who have passed as children or teenagers or before their time generally, but who have packed so much into their short lives. The quote is often attributed to Abraham Lincoln but sometimes just quoted as 'Anon'.

"In the end, it is not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years".  



Glenrothes Hall

Towards the end of last night's demonstration in Fife, I felt inspired to ask for a photograph from the audience and as so often happens, someone out of the audience shone out and I had an o era helping feeling to ask for her photo. The picture depicted an elderly couple and straight away I knew it was her Grandparents. Information tumble int my mind regarding Grandmother's passing, personality and the memories they once shared and then I became aware of her Grandfather. He enthusiastically showed me his beloved car, describing it so precisely, including his tin of travel sweets and emergency tissues. A simple memory of 'under no circumstances may anybody eat in his car' which he gave me with a smile on his face. Then as clear as could be I became aware of the metal AA badge emblazoned on the front of his car that he had kept for years and had so carefully positioned on every car he had owned through the years. The information was well received. The startling thing was the reaction of the young lady I was talking to who was very emotional and in tears. The level of details was the thing she remembered about her Grandad and was what she needed to prove survival.

Claire kindly sent us an email about her reading .... read on

I would like to offer my heart felt thanks for the reading I received from my nana and grandad through you last night at the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland.

You asked if anyone had photos and you accepted mine to try and work with and I appreciated this very much. You mentioned loads of information of which I can relate to. Most importantly my nana ironing socks and my grandads AA car badge.

I have been hoping for a message from various loved ones for years but especially my nana and grandad. I just wanted to know that they were together again and you confirmed this for me, of which I will be eternally grateful.

I have always believed there was a spirit life after death and you have completely confirmed this for me.

Thanks again for the wonderful message it has helped me accept the passing of my nana and grandad knowing they are together again.

With all my thanks,
Claire Moyles


Dr.Martin Luther King

M L King

It's the 50th anniversary of the famous inspirational Martin Luther King " I have a Dream" speech this week. The sentiments of the speech of hope and vision echo through our lives regardless of race or religion. The path of the Civil Rights Movement hasn't run smoothly and sadly Martin Luther King's Dream hasn't completely been realised in all parts of the World but like any dream of hope, it keeps going. I think that's how we should all be with our dreams - pushing forward to our goals and never giving up regardless of set backs. Good luck with your dreams.

A Beautiful Vision

The people of Glenrothes should be so proud of their town; it looks absolutely wonderful. Of all the towns I have visited throughout the year it certainly takes the first prize for the flower in bloom competition. The roundabouts, verges and hanging baskets are absolutely spectacular. The colourful carpet of flowers was a joy to behold and welcoming to any visitor to Glenrothes. It put a smile on my face.

glenrothes flow