About The Studio


Tony Stockwell’s Psychic Studioopened in October 2005 with the aim of providing excellent teaching and evaluation on psychic & mediumship development, and other related topics.

Some years later and the studio has gone from strength to strength, offering courses and workshops all year round to all levels of development from the absolute beginner to those who are about to take steps to becoming workers in their own right.

We like to make learning and development fun as it’s as much about enjoying the journey as reaching the destination. We believe if you are enjoying what you do you are more likely to stick with it and be an asset for the spirit world for as long as you are on this earth.

Our training for beginners is focused on giving the students an understanding of the difference between the two very different faculties – of working on a psychic level or with the spirit world. Our aim is for our students to have some degree of control and understanding of how they are working.

The development classes for those with some experience right through intermediate and up to advanced level is very much focused towards evidential mediumship, presented in a professional way and being the best channel for spirit communication possible.

The advanced mediumship classes also attract those who are already offering private consultations or demonstrations of mediumship but want to continue their development. There is always room for improvement and progression no matter what level we are at. We strongly believe in Michelangelo’s comment on completing the Sistine Chapel, when he said

“I am still learning” .

All of our training classes cover the ethics and responsibility of working psychically and with mediumship

The studio is an intimate space, and was designed in the hope of creating a relaxed comfortable environment, much akin to that of a comfortable home lounge. We like people to feel comfortable and at ease here, as we believe this aids development and encourages our students to be open and receptive, not only with each other but also with the spirit world.

Our programme consists mainly of courses and 1 or 2 day workshops. We also offer 1-2-1 consultation with our mediums.

10 Week Courses (Circles)
Our courses run for 10 weeks on varying days or evenings of the week depending on which level you are at, and classes usually last for 2 hours.
(Courses are also known as ‘circles’, which is the traditional name for development groups deriving from the time when groups were home run and people sat around a large circular table).
We run 4 terms each year (spring, summer, autumn and winter) with 3 weeks shutdown in between before the next term will commence.
These courses are known as closed, which means you enrol for the course and will be working with the same students for the duration, with no new members joining part way through. We believe this is conducive to good development and creates a supportive environment where all students are on the same journey, working with the same people and energy throughout.
Homework is also usually given, though don’t panic about that, it’s usually an exercise that ties in with your most recent class, or maybe just a piece of research to increase the student's knowledge.
An added bonus of enrolling for a course is that it can lead to some solid friendships being formed and a support network in your onward development.
Our courses are planned and structured from beginning to end with specific goals in mind for each term  but we are flexible and can incorporate elements to meet the specific needs of each group. This is why the development achieved over a course can be much greater than a number of standalone workshops.

If you are unsure which level you are working at and if a certain event is suitable for you, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

We also offer a variety of 1 and 2 day workshops. These are often more convenient than a regular weekly commitment. Workshop times are usually 10.30am to 4.30pm; with our doors opening at least half an hour before each day begins.
Full day workshops benefit those who are not able to commit to a 10 week course and also those who want to explore varied subjects (Numerology, Trance & Physical, Angel Workshops to name but a few), and also those who want to look at a particular area of development in depth in addition to their ongoing regular development.
Some students who enrol on our courses (or who are on development programmes elsewhere) might decide to attend a day focusing on Spirit Guides, Platform presentation or Spiritual Healing for example, to boost their knowledge and experience in that area.
It’s also a way for each student to work with a variety of tutors which is also useful in finding a way of development that’s right for you.

If you are unsure which level you are at, and which workshop to attend, please click on our ‘Explanation of Levels’ button on the Psychic Studio page as this will help you decide. Workshops are advertised for varying levels.

1-2-1 Private Consultations
We do offer consultations with our visiting mediums – for full details check out the information on the Psychic Studio page entitled ‘1-2-1 Readings’.

We also offer...

Demonstrations of Mediumship
Open circles (classes available to all with no pre-booking needed)
Special guest tutor events
Student readings days

Please check studio events on main Psychic Studio Page for all current events. Events are split into categories of 'Courses', 'Workshops' and 'Other Events'.